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1. All of our consultants have a professional background in one or a few of the industries and positions we are specialised in: sales and marketing, HR, technology as well as hospitality and financial management.

2. Each of us has professional networks and cooperation partners within different fields.

3. We are flexible, our approach is transparent and we are a smooth collaboration partner.


Operaria Headhunting & Recruiting

Operaria specialises in recruitment assignments within sales, marketing and customer service as well as financial management and technology. During our own careers and in hands-on assignments we have learned to identify the required skills and expertise in these fields. We stand rock-solid behind the quality of our work and conduct our work in style.

Recruiting people is always a significant business investment. We offer you a valuable perspective on your recruitment strategy – for example, what purpose is an employee really worth looking for. It is critical for a company’s success to be able to choose the right persons with the right kind of skills, cognitive abilities and persona, and then place those people wisely within the company.

We strive to find the best possible persons for your company’s needs, as well as the positions that best correspond to our applicants’ expectations. Our aim is to facilitate our customer’s recruiting process by approaching the goal systematically and efficiently.

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Our warranty

We do not charge anything if we fail to find a suitable person.
Additionally, if the cooperation with your new employee does not work smoothly, we are dedicated to finding you another employee without further costs.

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