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Why choose Operaria’s staffing services?

1. Our consultants have a minimum of 15 years experience in sales and marketing, HR, hospitality and financial management as well as IT.

2. Each of us have professional networks and cooperation partners within different fields.

3. We are flexible, our approach is transparent and we are a smooth collaboration partner.



Operaria specialises in assignments within sales, marketing and customer service as well as financial management and IT. Our service also include an overall HR approach where we can help our customers in personal development projects and improving work community. During our own careers we have learned in hands-on assignments to identify the required skills and expertise in these fields. We stand rock-solid behind the quality of our work and do our work in style.

Recruiting people is always a significant business investment. It is critical for a company’s success to be able to choose the right persons with the right kind of educational background, work experience, skills and persona, and then place those people wisely within the company.

We at the Operaria staffing service strive to find the best possible person for your company’s needs, as well as the position that best corresponds to the applicant’s expectations. Our aim is to facilitate our customer’s recruiting process by approaching the goal systematically and efficiently.

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We grant your satisfaction

We do not charge you anything if we fail to find you a suitable person.
If the co-operation with your new employee does not work smoothly, we find you a new person free of charge.

How expensive is a wrong employment?

Check via our calculator how much your bad recruitments cost your organisation.

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