Our Recruitment Process

A step by step path towards team growth

You can easily meet your recruitment goals by using our candidate-friendly recruitment services, backed by our human resource management expertise and industry knowledge. Following the carefully planned phases of our recruitment process helps ensure that we find the right expert for your company, and you can avoid the costly mistake of recruiting the wrong candidate. Our process begins with the mapping phase and ends at the offset of the trial period. As a result, you could be onboarding your new employee in as little as two months from the beginning of your recruitment process.

1. Mapping

  • We connect you with a recruitment consultant who understands the requirements of your industry and the necessary prerequisites to succeed in your field.

  • With the help of our consultant, you find the right service for your needs. Our services include ad-based search-, direct search and hybrid search (a combination of ad-search and direct search), and expert staffing.

  • Together we define the competence profile, i.e. the kind of experience, competence, and personality that suits your company.

  • Together, we support your employer brand. We will take a close look at the specifics of your company and industry so that we can act as an ambassador for your employer brand throughout the recruitment process.

2. Search

  • We use our Operaria expert networks to source the best-suited candidates in terms of expertise and personnel.

  • We create your job advertisement. Again, a clear statement will attract suitable applicants and provide a first-class applicant experience.

  • We share the job advertisement on community advertising platforms for professionals and companies and in the hiring company’s channels. Finally, if necessary, we boost the search with a marketing campaign.

  • In headhunting, the search for the most suitable expert is not limited to active job seekers. Direct search is chosen when the job advertisement is not expected to reach enough experts suitable for the job.

3. Shortlist

  • Operaria evaluates the candidates based on the pre-information provided and the selection criteria. As part of our recruitment process, we safely process your personal data with the help of our information security.

  • Our discussions with candidates provide the client company with comparable information. We can assist in organizing the discussion between our consultant and the candidate either at the Operaria office in Helsinki city center or via video.

  • A pre-assignment may be necessary for demanding positions. We arrange these as needed.

  • We present the client company with a shortlist of candidates who are most suitable for the position.

4. Pre-selection

  • The client company carries out a pre-selection of shortlisted candidates.

  • Job interviews between the client company and the candidates take place. In addition, upon request, we provide support for discussions between the candidate and the company.

  • If necessary, we organize a work simulation to assess the skills required for the position.

5. Selection

  • We ensure the top candidate is suitable for the position through aptitude testing and creating an assessment. Our assessment measures the candidate’s cognitive ability and work personality and is an integral part of our recruitment services.

  • We contact your preferred candidate’s references to hear practical examples of a candidate’s skills, experience, and characteristics.

  • We ensure a great candidate experience by personally notifying candidates who were not selected in the recruitment decision. We provide justifications for the decision, answer the candidate’s questions, and discuss the candidate’s future.

6. Follow-up

  • We will liaise with the selected candidate and their supervisor throughout the trial period to ensure success in onboarding of the employee and the employer-employee relationship. We also provide ideas to support learning.

  • We guarantee our recruitment processes. However, if the synergy with your new employee does not work smoothly or they resign during the trial period of their employment, we will find you another employee free of charge.

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