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Operaria has been connecting experts and employers since 1999. We believe that everyone can perform well, given the right kind of role and work environment. Therefore, we keep the expert at the center of our operations by familiarizing ourselves with the candidate’s situation and competencies during the recruitment process and helping them at each stage.

We carry out expert-level and management recruitment in areas such as sales, financial administration, and project management. In addition, we specialize in industries such as technology, finance, financial management, and wholesale and retail sectors.

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Even if you did not find a suitable job on the list above, send us an application. You connect with us by adding your candidate information to our ATS system, which uses artificial intelligence. The system considers all job seekers’ criteria relating to the type of jobs they are interested in, enables anonymous searching, and identifies the most qualified candidates for each vacancy.

When a job that matches your skills is added to our system, your job search information will be available to our recruitment consultant. They will then create a shortlist of candidates and decide how to proceed with you in the recruitment process.

Help us recommend relevant jobs to you by joining our expert network and filling in your details on the networking form. You will have the opportunity to discuss your career goals with a recruitment consultant familiar with your industry and experience our applicant-friendly recruitment process.

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At Operaria, we see ourselves as a partner who supports the applicant in their job search, career development, and self-knowledge development. On the Careers page, we provide information and recommendations on these for job seeker on the employee path. In addition, you’ll find information and our views on modern working life and its development on our blog and Instagram feed.