Responsible recruitment through assessment

We at Operaria have finalized hundreds of expert-level recruitments using our assessments. Assessments are integral in minimizing the impact of one’s prejudices, stereotypes, and cognitive biases in recruitment decision-making. Assessment is included in the price of our recruitment, direct search, and expert staffing services. This helps us ensure the expert’s suitability for the job, supports objective decision-making, and allows us to guarantee the most successful outcome in recruitment.

Our assessment methods consist of personality analyses and a proficiency test, i.e., a cognitive aptitude test. In addition, our recruitment consultants are certified experts in working style analysis.

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The four methods we use meet international quality standards

OPTO Personality Test

OPTO is a personality test based on the Big Five model, which allows focusing personal assessment on behavioral characteristics relevant to business and organizational goals and factors driving a person’s performance, thus saving recruitment costs and time. In addition, OPTO has been found to increase the applicant’s recruitment experience.

OPTO measures eight characteristics that are essential for performance and success at work:

  • Influencing

  • Resilience

  • Cooperation

  • Efficiency

  • Performance

  • Obedience

  • Agility

  • Innovativeness

Master Person Analysis (MPA) Personality Test

The MPA helps companies identify the abilities and potential of candidates and professionals. With the help of an MPA analysis, we are also able to assess a person’s working and interaction style. The MPA measures, among other things, the following behavioral characteristics that are essential for success at work:

  • Setting goals and focus, influencing things and people.

  • Mode of interaction, showing trust, emotional regulation, and attitudes towards conflict.

  • Carrying out work tasks, decision making and attitudes towards reform and changes.


The BRIGHT test allows us to examine candidates’ attitudes, motivation, and suitability for demanding customer service roles. The test is a cost-effective and reliable way to perform pre-selection without prejudice and discrimination, focusing only on the essential characteristics required for the role.

ACE cognitive ability test

Before selecting a new employee, it is beneficial to determine their potential with a test measuring cognitive ability. The Adjustable Competence Evaluation (ACE) is the state-of-the-art adaptive competency test with thousands of users across Europe. It is suitable for assessing the potential of both leaders and trainee program applicants. The information obtained with the help of the test is especially suitable for accurate utilization of a person’s resources and for supporting an expert’s motivation.

Testing as a management tool for employers

With the help of an assessment, the supervisor can identify which behavioral characteristics are critical to the expert’s performance and how they will utilize previously learned knowledge and experience. The analysis also provides the supervisor with guidelines for the candidate’s onboarding and management. This supports the development of cooperation and interaction in new employment relationships.

The test helps the expert to identify their strengths

An assessment offers the candidate an opportunity for personal exploration, that can help them become aware of their characteristics, strengths, and areas of development as an employee.

Through assessment, a candidate’s strengths can become easier to leverage and display. Similarly, once a candidate becomes aware of their areas of improvement, it is possible to take them into better account in one’s daily work routine or take necessary steps to improve upon them. Assessment helps a candidate in becoming an even stronger member of the work community and society as a whole as self-knowledge supports both personal and professional development.

How much does an assessment cost?

​Assessment is included in the fixed price of our recruitment services. However, if you handle your company’s recruitment by yourself and want to ensure its success, you can also order a suitability assessment from us as a separate service.

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