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If you are an expert in your field and are considering the next step, we can support you in clarifying and achieving your goals. We handle expert recruitment in the private and public sectors, and our clientele is diverse, international, and multi-industrial.

From a career development perspective, professional networks have great potential as fewer job vacancies are being advertised via job adverts alone. Professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn have gained a higher market share as a job search and referral channel. You can use these platforms to highlight your personality and values, making it easier to start conversations with previously unknown people.

In addition to public job advertisement searches, we carry out direct searches and so-called quiet searches, where a job vacancy is not publicly advertised at the request of the client company. Recruitment assignments can also lead to hidden jobs. In such cases, a job is created or tailored to match the skills and interests of the top candidate. This is an excellent opportunity to build your unique career.

Raise your job market visibility

To get the most out of hidden jobs and quiet searches, job applicants need to raise their visibility in the labor market. It is easy to quickly respond to publicly listed job vacancies when you’re in the right place at the right time. When we start looking for experts that suit the needs of our client company, we always start with our expert networks.

Connect with us by adding your job search information to our ATS system, which employs artificial intelligence. The system considers all job seekers’ criteria relating to the type of jobs they are interested in, enables anonymous searches and identifies the most relevant candidates for each vacancy. Our recruitment consultants can then include these experts in the shortlists they provide to their clients. These experts, suggested by our ATS system “robot”, are often among the top candidates and end up at the negotiating table.

Help us recommend relevant jobs to you by joining our expert network and by filling in your details on the connect form. You will have the opportunity to discuss your career goals with a recruitment consultant familiar with your industry and to experience our applicant-friendly recruitment process.


Self-knowledge drives career development

We are experts in judging character and assessing a prospect’s suitability for various expert positions. We have in-depth discussions with talented candidates involved in our recruitment process to gain insight into their backgrounds, experiences, and dreams. We aim to fill the job vacancy in question, gain a deep understanding of the individual, and thus a more comprehensive knowledge of our expert networks. We always seek sustainable solutions that serve both parties in the long term.

Many experts applying for expert positions already have solid work experience. They have reflected on their strengths and development areas, determined their skills’ monetary value and preferences concerning working hours, orientation, or work management. However, changing fields or increasing responsibilities may lead to a situation where the expert adds a new dimension to their professional identity. Therefore, following our discussion, our goal is that the candidate is more aware of their skills, personality, and strengths for the applied job.

On the Operaria Instagram account, we also talk about the importance of identifying your expertise. So, check out our Instagram feed, microblogs, and sparring videos on different aspects of working life.

Open positions

Operaria has been linking experts with employers since 1999. We carry out expert-level and management recruitment in areas such as sales, financial administration, and project management. We are specialized in recruitment in technology, finance, and financial management, as well as wholesale and retail sectors.

We believe that everyone can perform well given the right kind of role and work environment. Therefore, we keep the expert at the center of our operations by familiarizing ourselves with the candidate’s situation and competencies during the recruitment process.

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