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98,13 %

Successful recruitment is the only acceptable outcome. If the employment relationship ends during the trial period for any reason, we will recruit a new person for the position at no extra cost. We have conducted over 641 recruitment assignments since the year 2010. Of those, we have redone 12 under waranty. Therefore the probability of success straight away in the initial round of recruitment is 98.13 % (updated 24.10.2022).


During a 6-month observation period (2022), the job ads posted by Operaria on the Jobly (f.k.a. platform were viewed for approximately 1 minute 25 seconds, whereas the jobs ads on Jobly were viewed for 55 seconds on average. This means the job ads written and published by Operaria maintain job-seekers’ attention half a minute longer than the average job ad on Jobly.

> 800

Counting from 2010 onwards, the number of assessments executed by Operaria recruitment consultants has passed 800 (updated 24.10.2022). We are sertified users of Master™ psychometric personality and working style analyses and the proficiency test, i.e. a cognitive aptitude test. Each personnel selection is therefore finalized and verified with our people assessment tools.

Do you want to succeed and welcome the future with the right people? If so, you’ll need a durable bridge to travel along to find a suitable expert.

Operaria has been building bridges between clients and job seekers for over 20 years. We are a recruitment partner that allows you to concentrate on your core business. A recruitment consultant who specializes in your industry and is personally familiar with your company will be able to challenge you with just the right questions and reveal the required skills for your company to grow.

Our recruitment consultants source successful solution sellers, designers and project managers. We regularly carry out expert recruitments in technology and financial management, just to name a few.

Our recruitment services also include headhunting and so-called hybrid search, bringing together the best benefits of direct and advert searches. Your applicants will enjoy a responsible and inclusive recruitment process including an aptitude assessment that increases self-awareness and motivation, an integral part of our recruitment process.

Successful recruitment is the only acceptable outcome. Therefore, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, if the employment relationship ends during the trial period for any reason, we will recruit a new person for the position at no extra cost.

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Operaria’s recruitment process

Since 1999, we have been sourcing experts for companies. With a recruitment process based on our experience and professionalism, we ensure that the right expert for your company is found and you avoid the cost of unsuccessful recruitment.

  • We get to know the specifics of your company and industry so that we can act as an ambassador for your employer brand throughout the recruitment process.

  • The process is tailored to your needs.

  • During the recruitment process, we require the client’s input in the mapping phase, in the meeting of candidates and – of course – in choosing the right expert.

  • The average duration of recruitment is two months.

WEEK 1 – 2

A consultant who understands the client company’s requirements and the industry will help find the right service for their needs. At the same time, we determine what type of expert is being sought and in where they will most likely be found. Finally, the consultant maps out the factors that affect the client company’s employer brand.

WEEK 3 – 4

The consultant prepares the job description in cooperation with the client. The most suitable person for the position is sought from professional networks and pre-defined target organizations.

WEEK 4 – 5

Experts are evaluated based on preliminary data and selection criteria. The consultant will connect with potential candidates and act as an ambassador for the client company’s employer brand. Discussions with candidates provide comparable information, allowing the consultant to present the most suitable candidates to the client.

WEEK  5 – 6

The client selects the candidates to interview from those shortlisted by the consultant. The consultant provides interview support for the client company’s job interviews and, if necessary, organizes job simulations to assess the required skills.


The consultant uses a suitability assessment to measure the client’s preferred candidate’s cognitive ability and work personality. The consultant also asks the referees to give practical examples of the candidate’s abilities and working style. Finally, the consultant will personally inform all candidates involved about the outcome of the selection and the selection criteria.

… WEEK 30

Operaria activates its satisfaction guarantee. The consultant will liaise with the selected candidate and client to ensure the employee’s onboarding and the employer-employee relationship are successful. Operaria activates its satisfaction guarantee, liaising with the new hire and client to ensure successful onboarding.

Why should you outsource your recruitment?

  • You save time.

  • You get a ready-made service concept to help find the ideal candidate for even challenging expert positions.

  • You gain from the headhunter’s extensive networks and expert databases, as well as their industry-specific experience.

  • Recruitment processes and tools support the search for a suitable expert for your company and produce good candidate experience.

Why choose Operaria?

  • Due to our lean business structure, we are a fast and flexible partner. You will find a service that suits your company’s needs in our offering.

  • The same designated contact person will serve you throughout the process. Through this, we guarantee a seamless flow of information and personal interaction.

  • We carefully study the specifics of your company and industry to serve as your employer brand ambassador throughout the process.

  • With our comprehensive, international networks, we find challenging expert candidates.

  • Each of our recruitments include an assessment of the selected candidate.

  • We guarantee a successful recruitment, thus avoiding the cost of unsuccessful recruitment.

As our customer, you support responsible recruitment

Our recruitment process supports responsible and fair decision-making, in which genuine expertise and open interaction are at the center. We guarantee the success of your recruitment through our consultants’ extensive, industry-specific networks of applicants and correctly targeted assessments.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the employment relationship ends during the trial period for one reason or another, we will recruit a new person for the position at no extra cost.

Our clients

We have been serving our clients in a sustainable, reliable and personalized manner since 1999. Here are some of our satisfied clients.

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