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The future is built on today’s actions

Through our operations we want to make a positive impact on working life and its development. When sharing information and in our daily recruitment work, we encourage employer organizations to, among other things, evaluate and select candidates based on facts as well as to support their employer brand during the recruitment stage. The services we provide help employers solve recruitment and personnel management challenges.

We are a fair service provider, and we only accept projects that we know we can complete. For example, we consider having an extensive network of candidates in the industry in question to be essential for success.

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Responsible recruitment

Everyone has prejudices, stereotypes, and cognitive biases. In practice, this means that we unconsciously make assumptions and conclusions that are not necessarily based on truth. This is our brain’s way of breaking down and categorizing complex information. Being aware of this helps us to detect and eliminate such erroneous thought processes. We do not need to allow our existing assumptions or conclusions to influence recruitment decisions. In responsible recruitment, everyone is treated equally, and we can enhance diversity, innovation, and success in the work community.

Assessment is an integral part of our recruitment process. We work in cooperation with Master Finland and are certified work style analyses and cognitive aptitude test users. We test each candidate who progresses to the final stage of the recruitment process. Our tests give us reliable information about a person’s strengths and potential in a work context. As our client, you will undertake responsible, inclusive recruitment, and as a job seeker, you can be confident that we will assess your suitability impartially and open-mindedly.

Impact work

Information sharing

All the information we publish at Operaria is based on either research or on robust expert knowledge and experience. The themes of our publications are most often issues and development targets related to working life or the life cycle of the employment relationship. We aim to break down prejudices in working life and provide the reader with perspectives, examples, solutions and arguments. One of our most important communication channels is our blog, where we publish Finnish content monthly. In addition, we write short, thought-provoking microblogs on our social media channels and share work-related content written by others.


In addition to our main work, we have offered career mentoring to job seekers and students with international backgrounds. Finnish language skills are widely sought after in the Finnish labor market, and unfortunately, sometimes even in situations where such language requirements cannot be considered justifiable. In addition, international people who speak and write Finnish fluently generally face more obstacles in the job market than native Finnish speakers.

Diversifying work communities, which we also seek to pursue in our work, requires an open-mind and focusing on essential facts. Through the mentor-mentee relationship, both parties gain a broader understanding of different cultures and the current state of diversity in Finnish working life.

Information security

We carefully protect the individual or a company information, needed for recruiting and marketing purposes. We will not transfer your personal information to a third party without your permission. We use CrowdStrike Falcon, which most Fortune 100 companies and leading banks use to protect their information from data breaches. The Falcon cloud service, which learns from its user data and utilizes artificial intelligence, protects all the hardware and software we use to process personal and business information. Check out our GDPR settings.

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We are an environmentally friendly and carbon neutral company. Majority of our daily tasks are carried out remotely and business travel is infrequent. We rent a small office space in the direct vicinity of public transportation and pedestrian sidewalks. Our annual carbon dioxide emissions are approximately 9.242 tons CO2e (updated 1.11.2022). We work together with Compensate foundation to fully direct the compensations of our own carbon emissions towards initiatives that foster biodiversity and sustainable development through afforestation, reforestation, solar water purification and biochar production.

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For many years in a row, Operaria has supported the employment of those most vulnerable and the prevention of youth exclusion by funding initiatives and projects organized by Finnish non-profit organizations. We believe that by securing working capacity, employment and livelihood, a collective and sustainable well-being can be achieved on an individual and societal level. The positive effects of an individual’s employment extend to entire families and communities, which also reduces healthcare expenses in the long run. The non-profits we currently support are Women’s Bank and Raide ry.

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