Your Employer Brand Advocate

The recruitment consultant works as your employer brand ambassador

Our strength lies in finding experts and supervisors. Finding the right people requires highlighting the unique aspects of your employer brand. Your Operaria recruitment consultant will familiarize themself with your company and industry to identify the factors that differentiate you positively from your competitors. We act as your employer brand ambassador throughout the recruitment process.

Employer branding is a long-term and goal-oriented job, but you will enjoy its results for years to come.

So let us know what your needs are, let’s start building your team.

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Supporting the employer brand is part of Operaria’s recruitment process

Your employer brand is a strategic competitive advantage for your company. It will arouse the interest of the experts your organization needs and engage them in the search. With a carefully considered employer brand, you can also weed out those applicants who don’t fit your business, saving you resources.

We will attract and gain the commitment of the professionals you seek to employ at your company by

  • Getting to know the unique features of your company and industry

  • Challenging you to consider the selling points of your work community

  • Creating a job advertisement that supports your employer brand and attracts the applicants

  • Communicating about your business accurately and clearly to the candidates

  • Positioning ourselves with the candidate to produce a first-class applicant experience that will benefit your company for years to come

With an employer campaign, you stand out from the competition

In challenging expert searches, you can enhance your company’s employer brand and visibility through employer campaigns. The company’s story, value base, employee experiences and media visibility are part of the cornerstone on which an impressive campaign is built. The modern and user-friendly campaign site is both informative and imaginative. The visual performance of the site is enhanced using high-quality video and image material. Your campaign pages are responsive,and search engine optimized. In addition, we leverage analytics in site marketing and tracking.

Here are some examples of our employer campaigns for our client companies:

Two people working on a desk
Steel worker at work
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