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Our approach to recruitment comes from a slightly different perspective: as a partner. We believe that a sustainable and productive recruitment process starts with a shared understanding and communication between our client company and us.

We offer personalized services with expertise across a wide range of industries. Our consultants serve clients anywhere in the Nordics.

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Operaria is a group of entrepreneurs and recruitment experts who have had careers in various industries. Alongside our recruitment work, we are sparrers, data analysts, and creative content creators. Knowledge-hungry people striving for self-growth. Mothers and fathers. And Sailors. Our strength lies in being human-oriented. Our interviews with professionals seeking new opportunities are in-depth and consist of discussions about personality, skills, uncertainties, plans, and dreams. Their aim is not only to fill one open position but, more comprehensively, to establish a fruitful and viable relationship. How we work with experts helps develop your company’s positive employer brand.
Operaria is specialized in recruitment and headhunting for the Nordic market. In recent years we have placed experts in companies in Denmark and Sweden, among others.

Operaria Markus
Markus Fabricius

Operaria’s owner Markus is a highly experienced professional in sales, marketing, and demanding customer service.

During his career, he has worked in the shipping industry management, as a board member, and a CEO in the media industry. He has also been involved in several international startup projects. During his studies and early career, Markus worked as a freight forwarder and even as a garbage truck driver; so far, this is the only time having a truck driver’s license has been of use!

Markus is an experienced human resources manager and service design developer for whom continuous self-development has always been a natural part of his career. He completed his Executive MBA studies in 2007 and since then has completed yearly courses in personnel assessment methods typical of the human resources industry to continuously develop his skills.

operaria juha
Juha-Erik Aaltonen

Juha-Erik, nicknamed Juha, has a solid background in business development.

From his experience in equipment sales, as a product manager for a multinational company, and as an entrepreneur, he has developed into a technical business professional. Running international projects and partnership in marketing networks have helped him develop his intercultural communication competencies. As a lecturer in industrial engineering and management, Juha is used to identifying the skills needed in expert tasks. In addition to his master’s degree in engineering and industrial service business, he holds business administration and vocational teaching qualifications.

Sailing is Juha’s favorite pastime, which motivated him to obtain the necessary permits to sail commercial vessels. He also enjoys traveling and downhill skiing.

Nadiia Senkevych

Nadiia has a strong grasp of what attracting talent requires in the competitive labour market. At the focus of her work is inspecting an organization’s demand to find the best possible matches for the most sustainable outcome.

Nadiia has extensive experience of HR personnel processes, operational efficiency, onboarding, HR-administration, and HRIS. She has built her career in a variety of roles within international IT companies and medical supplies distributors -– and has thoroughly enjoyed it all. Through recruitment and direct search, she has concretely played large part in turning a Ukrainian startup of 5 people into a nationally recognized, mid-sized 120-persons company.

Nadiia likes cycling, hiking in parks and forests, and swimming on weekends. She also enjoys reading books, traveling and cooking, meeting new people, learning new things, and developing new skills.

Operaria Aliisa
Aliisa Tiittanen

Aliisa provides our customers with a wide range of sales, content marketing, and customer service expertise, as well as a fresh perspective on human resource management.

She is studying Strategic Human Resource Management at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, which she sees as a meaningful extension to her previous BBA degree in International Business. Aliisa’s career includes a diversity of duties from sales to project management and event production. She has industry-specific expertise especially in the sector of retail. Aliisa is motivated by the fact that through her work in HR communications, she can positively influence the prejudices, attitudes, and practices related to working life while continuously learning new things.

On weekends, Aliisa often escapes the hustle and bustle of the city. She enjoys exploring the many national parks Finland has to offer and discussing family history with her grandmother. Aliisa, who has completed voluntary military service, also enjoys challenging herself physically and learning wilderness skills. According to Aliisa, you can’t beat food prepared on a camping stove and enjoyed in the rugged great outdoors.

stefan forsberg
Stefan Forsberg

Stefan has solid experience in executive and specialist search as well as in the staffing industry.

Endurance is his word of honor. He always goes the extra mile to attract the top talent for his clients, and he looks under every stone. Stefan gained his comprehensive knowledge from executive and operational roles within Nordic and international companies. He has a broad network of global contacts and has completed several international stints.

Paul O. Olson

Paul has extensive experience from international leadership and management roles, including global teams.

A professional headhunter with a Doctor’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy. He uses his international experience to help business leaders create successful organizational change and accelerate leadership development. Paul is our anchor when it comes to evaluate personalities and to identify leading edge talents.

leif törnblad
Leif Törnblad

Leif’s academic background is an MSc in Economics and Politics from the University of Copenhagen.

After a successful career with international and Nordic companies at the executive level, he went into executive search and management consulting. Leif has particularly excellent knowledge of working with Danish/Swedish companies in the Öresund area. Leif has a good sense of matching the right candidate for the right job and does it effectively.

The basis for collaboration is that we understand your industry

”Our customers often ask what we know about their industry. It’s an important question as a client’s business and its development always form the basis for any recruitment in a profit-oriented company.”
–  Juha Aaltonen

To select the ideal candidate for our customers, we need to dive deep into their company’s story, business operations, organizational culture, and future goals. It helps that we speak the same language as our clients. By this, we don’t mean language in its traditional sense, although our services are available in Finnish, Swedish, and English. What we are referring to is our industry-specific expertise, which as a common starting point helps us understand one another when we discuss your needs and prospects. Just some of the fields we represent are managament, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, and the tech industry.

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We strive for growth and are always looking for colleagues and partners to join us! Become a recruitment consultant in our multidisciplinary and location-independent recruitment firm.

If you have already established a career in your industry and feel you have a vision and a desire to help professionals and companies in your field, keep reading. Do you understand what growth, competitiveness, and success in your industry require? Are you entrepreneurial and ambitious in entering lasting partnerships, whether it be a new employment relationship or a business partnership? You may have built a network during your career and see in it the potential to create your own customer relationships. You see the challenges ahead as opportunities to experience something new and show your grit. For you, sales, above all, is about listening to the customer and providing workable solutions. However, you also have the ambition and perseverance to acquire leads and build your own sales funnels. Failure doesn’t discourage you but makes you try twice as hard the next time.

If you identified yourself in the previous description, we want to get to know you. Here’s your chance to either jump on the entrepreneurship bandwagon or design your career within recruitment. With us, you will not be alone. You will have a supportive work community, comprehensive onboarding, familiarization with our recruitment systems, and protection of your customer data. We will provide marketing support, an ergonomic workspace, and, if necessary, resources to expand your area of expertise, and service offering. We are a fair employer and partner, which is also reflected in our remuneration model. When you work as an entrepreneur under the Operaria umbrella, you always keep 75% of the amount you invoice.

You don’t have to fit in a specific predetermined mold. However, we hope you share our values ​​and have a people-oriented, empathetic service attitude. Each of us has at one time or another applied for a job, so we understand the massive impact job search has in everyday life. That’s why the job seeker is always at the core of our recruitment process. Perhaps during your career, you have also been responsible for managing projects, leading a team, and gained experience managing staff and competencies. Your experiences will help you position yourself as a recruitment business decision-maker or a job-seeking expert, so you can identify with the emotional states associated with situations of change.

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