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A good employee experience doesn’t happen on its own.

At Operaria, we see our recruitment process as the initial steps in a sustainable employment relationship. It is a candidate’s transition to becoming an employee in a new work community with its own processes, practices, and culture. Therefore, you can support the integration of a new employee and the formation of their new professional identity even before their first workday.

The time before starting a new job is susceptible to change. We have created an orientation process that takes this phase into account, an easy-to-use, digital orientation platform called Operaria Academy.

In the future, our client companies, and the experts we find for them will benefit from this service. We’ll be able to support your employer brand and employee experience from the initial first stages of the recruitment to the first work months of a new employee.

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An inadequate employee induction sabotages good recruitment.

Our thoughts on employee onboarding

We’ve covered employee orientation from many different angles on our social media channels and our company blog. Ignoring an employee’s orientation sabotages good recruitment, wastes your company’s resources, and consumes your employee’s motivation. Here you can calculate the cost of unsuccessful recruitment. You can avoid it with good onboarding practices.

Operaria Academy – the digital onboarding platform

A high-quality, customizable, and interactive onboarding supports your new employee’s learning, well-being at work, and commitment to their employer. Operaria Academy is an onboarding platform with learning modules, allowing you to create your company’s orientation process as an inspiring and motivating learning experience. On the platform, learning takes place according to the learner’s terms and is entirely location-independent. Although the platform was built with remote onboarding and learning in mind, the need for interaction and team building is not replaced.

Operaria Academy – Coming in the winter of 2021-22.

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