For our employees

Job placement with a people-oriented approach

In addition to its direct employees, Operaria acts as an expert staffing service provider for its client companies. Underlying its flexible and uncomplicated organizational structure is strong confidence in Operaria’s recruitment process and in the professionalism and self-direction of the professionals who have experienced it.

Our recruitment process involves a lot of discussion, self-reflection, and characterizing your way of working through theoretical situations. An in-depth look at the personality and ability of our employees using assessments enables us to build mutual trust. Welcome to Operaria!

For our experts

When you work for one of Operaria’s client companies as an agency worker, Operaria is your statutory employer. The company you were temporarily leased by is responsible for organizing and managing your work. Our client companies use expert staffing to fulfill an acute or temporary need. A temporary assignment or project lasts for a couple of months up to one year. After this time, the client company’s need for an expert either ends or is found to be ongoing. The client company always has the option to recruit an agency worker provided by Operaria permanently.

Operaria’s primary task is to take care of your well-being at work and ensure you receive the correct salary on time during your temporary employment relationship. Therefore, you must receive proper onboarding and the necessary support to succeed in your role. If your salary amount is incorrect or you’re paid late, or if you’re experiencing difficulties with the company you’ve been temporarily leased by, please inform your contact person at Operaria. Together we will find a solution.

For Operaria’s employees

Operaria employees are experts in human resource management and in marketing. In terms of team dynamics, it does not matter whether the consultant functions as an entrepreneur cooperating with Operaria or as an Operaria employee. Or whether you live in Helsinki or Viitasaari. Everyone receives a remote employee onboarding experience via the Operaria Academy platform and is equally part of a community where individual expertise is valued and utilized. However, as a remote worker, you’ll need to be self-motivated, entrepreneurial, and enjoy working by yourself. This responsibility is counterbalanced by the flexibility and the freedom to plan your own working days.

If you wish, you can start and end your working day together with your colleagues. We exchange stories and ideas during our daily catch-ups and check-ins and keep others updated about your projects. As a whole team, we meet at least once weekly, but usually twice. While most of the team works remotely, you can seek out your colleagues at our Ruoholahti office, where you’ll find quiet working and meeting spaces. We also get together socially to enjoy good food and wine from time to time.

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Employment issues

Ensuring the well-being of our employees is paramount for us. Therefore, all of our employees enjoy comprehensive occupational health care coverage. This applies to both our employees and agency workers placed with our client companies through expert staffing.


Operaria employees and expert staffing workers are fully insured. Our insurance company is LähiTapiola.


Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company is responsible for the employment pension insurance of our employees.

Occupational health care

In occupational health matters, our partner is Terveystalo. If you need occupational health services, make an appointment at the nearest Terveystalo location. Terveystalo recommends 24/7 remote services when you suspect you may have Covid-19 or do not require a medical examination.

Payment of wages

Our payday is the 15th of the month or the weekday preceding that if the 15th falls on a weekend. Your payslip is available one day earlier in your personal online Netbank, from Aditro’s payroll service.

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