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Personal data to be collected and purpose of processing

Operaria Oy is a recruitment and staffing company. Personal data is collected and processed in Operaria Oy’s recruitment and staffing operations, in the payment of salaries related to these operations, as well as in communications and marketing related to recruitment or employment relationships.

In addition to this, we collect personal information from our corporate clients, prospects and their representatives in the CRM register and billing systems, which we utilize in marketing; electronic direct messages and our newsletters.

Collection of personal information

Personal information is collected primarily from the individuals themselves. With their own consent, they provide their personal data to Operaria Oy’s electronic database (Teamtailor recruitment system as a cloud service). The service provider (Teamtailor) is responsible for the technical protection and security of the data stored in the register. In addition, personal information may be collected, for example, through referrers, websites and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), at events, and in face-to-face meetings or phone/video conversations.

We may purchase corporate customer personal information from external registers for marketing purposes or collect it from public sources. We may also send electronic marketing messages with consent.

We collect e.g. the following personal data:

  • contact information (name, postal address, e-mail address and phone number)
  • date of birth, gender
  • usernames for the recruitment system (Teamtailor)
  • personal identity number and bank contact, tax card and other benefit information for salary payment (Procountor system)
  • work experience and education
  • language and other work-related skills
  • results of background checks (e.g. credit information, drug tests, criminal record)
  • information provided by recommenders
  • CV content and information on job-related qualifications

Storing, modifying, disclosing and deleting collected personal data

The Teamtailor recruitment system stores all the information provided by the person with their own consent; the CV they send, the assessments made by our consultants in a personal interview, as well as the positions they have applied for through Operaria Oy. On paper, we save any personal information forms filled out by the individual in a personal meeting, a copy of the CV and employment and school certificates. Company information is stored in the ActiveCampaign CRM system. Newsletters we send to businesses via ActiveCampaign offer an instant unsubscription option.

Storage and modification of collected personal data

Personal information is stored securely in the cloud-based CRM service (ActiveCampaign). Printed information and filled out paper forms are stored in closed cabinets in the office, which can only be accessed by consultants handling personal data and the person responsible for payroll administration (Raaseporin yrityspalvelut), who have received instructions and training on how to handle them safely. Personal data is processed in accordance with the registrar’s instructions. We store open job applications as well as applications for certain jobs for 12 months from the last contact date. We will keep applications from applicants who have been interviewed in person and from those who have been involved in recruitment processes for a maximum of 2 years. The time is calculated from the last update of the personal data in the application. We retain the personal information of those who have worked through us for 10 years for the purpose of issuing employment certificates. Salary information is kept for the period dictated by law. Updates and modifications of personal data are made at the person’s own request, primarily by a consultant or the person responsible for payroll administration.

Disclosure of collected personal data

Personal data and CVs stored in the electronic database (Teamtailor) will be disclosed to our clients only with the consent of the person and in connection with a pre-announced and agreed customer order. Prior to the release of the data, it is ensured that the stored personal data is up-to-date.

Personal data stored from the payroll administration will only be disclosed to public authorities for statutory purposes.

For marketing and information purposes, e-mail addresses will be provided to Teamtailor Oy (mainly applicant communications) and ActiveCampaign (mainly newsletter).

The data will not be disclosed outside the EU.

Deletion of collected personal data

Within the retention periods, electronic personal data is automatically deleted from the Teamtailor-CV database and paper-based personal data is delivered for destruction in a locked security container (MTB Tietoturvapalvelu Oy). At the person’s own request, all information collected about him or her will be deleted immediately. In addition, Teamtailor’s Connect feature has a function that allows the applicants to delete their own data. In addition, at the end of the recruitment process, the applicants involved will be contacted and asked if they want their information removed from our CV system or whether we will retain their information for future assignments within the retention periods.

Right of access and transfer

The applicant has the right to check, view and modify his/her information. We will deliver the information within a reasonable time, no later than one month after the personal request, in the form in which it is in Operaria’s register.

Operaria’s internal guidelines for the processing of personal data:

At Operaria Oy, personal data may be processed by consultants who execute recruitment assignments and the payroll clerk of the accounting firm (Raaseporin yrityspalvelut).

Matters relating to salaries and payroll may only be handled by the payroll clerk or his/her substitute.

Operaria personnel have participated in HPL training and are thus aware of the obligations of GDPR and HPL general terms of contract.

All Operaria employees are bound to maintain confidentiality in everything related to personal information and recruitment assignments we execute.