We have three different services for staffing:

  1. Accelerated staffing – finding professionals fast
  2. Project-based staffing – short-term commitment
  3. Interim management – leading your organization through change

1) Organizations go through events and periods where long-term recruitment feels like a too risky strategy. Staffing helps you with overwhelming workloads and tight schedules. We lease you a temporary employee or a workforce for bottleneck periods and sick leave days. We also lease specialists for acute demand as well as for short projects. Operaria provides you with e.g. accountants, payroll specialists and financial assistants.

2) Whenever you need special know-how in your project or you’re looking for a professional with leadership experience and practical expertise, we’re able to help. We provide you with e.g. controllers, systems experts and managerial accounting staff.

3) Operaria’s interim managers and directors have comprehensive knowledge and plenty of experience in leadership roles. The manager we provide you with is capable of taking responsibility of e.g. a launch or a merger, they can act as temporary directors over a transition period or function as board members.

How does the staffing process work?

Staffing and recruitment processes are much alike, as the applicants undergo the same phases. In case your labour need turns out to be permanent, you may employ the person after the leasing period. It is also possible that the nature of employment is only decided upon the progression of the recruitment process.
When you’re leasing an employee, Operaria takes care of salary payments and legal obligations, whereas you are responsible for assignment briefing, supervision of work and work safety. We charge you as agreed, usually monthly, with the leased person’s salary and other work-based compensations.

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Business requirements & Search strategy definition

Candidate profile clarification

Role and candidate profile clarification together with you

Operaria Client

Direct targeted search

Direct targeted search & In-depth database search



web portals, web site, social media etc.



Operaria interviews

cultural, competence and job fit identification


Choosing suitable candidates

Presentation of short list and choosing suitable candidates together with you

Operaria Client

Client interviews

Interview arrangements with candidates and client. Informing non suitable candidates.

Operaria Client

Simulation and testing

In addition to personality assessments, we can test applicants with a work simulation.

Operaria Client

Decision making

Personality assessment service

We recommend a combination of two perspectives; specialised professional know-how and candidates personality characters and ability. We also help to check references.

Operaria Client

Your final candidate choice

We make a deep review with the candidate based on the test results and deliver you a written report.

Operaria Client

Employment agreement

We support you on offer negotiation and contractual issues.

Operaria Client

After the project

Regular contact

Maintaining regular contact with the client and candidate after hiring to follow up on candidate integration process and ROI.

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