Recruitment services

How you benefit from our recruitment services

  1. Save your own working time
  2. Get support from experienced recruitment consultants
  3. Be connected with a large network of job-seeking professionals
  4. Demonstrate CSR with fact-based hiring practices
  5. Complete the employment process quickly and effectively
  6. Avoid financial risks related to recruitment setbacks

Operaria has a straightforward goal: we want to find the best employees for our customers. The high quality of our work and the best possible results are guaranteed by our large network, our long range experience and professional skills, as well as by our passionate attitude towards recruitment.
With the help of our recruitment service you can save a significant amount of your own working time. The process will be managed with style from the beginning to the end. Additionally, you get to employ the best possible person.

We offer our services a full warranty. In the unlikely event that the recruit resigns or does not fit the requirements of the job during the trial period, we will find you a new candidate suitable for the job.
Ask us about our warranty

Important features of our recruitment processes:

  • The service is always fit-for-purpose and tailor-made to serve your objectives
  • Our warranty protects you from any financial loss

Find out more about our recruitment service: Markus (0400 603327) and Juha (044 984 7636)

How does Operaria’s recruitment service work?

The progress of Operaria’s recruitment process slightly varies according to the applicant’s future work tasks, to the customer’s expectations and to the circumstances. However, the process mainly follows this basic pattern:

Defining of business requirements & search strategy

Candidate profile clarification

Role and candidate profile clarification together with you

Operaria Client

Direct targeted search

Direct targeted search & In-depth database search



web portals, web site, social media etc.



Operaria interviews

cultural, competence and job fit identification


Choosing suitable candidates

Presentation of short list and choosing suitable candidates together with you

Operaria Client

Client interviews

Interview arrangements with candidates and client. Informing non suitable candidates.

Operaria Client

Simulation and testing

In addition to personality assessments, we can test applicants with a work simulation.

Operaria Client


Personality assessment service

We recommend a combination of two perspectives; specialised professional know-how and candidates personality characters and ability. We also help to check references.

Operaria Client

Your final candidate choice

We make a deep review with the candidate based on the test results and deliver you a written report.

Operaria Client

Employment agreement

We support you on offer negotiation and contractual issues.

Operaria Client


Regular contact

Maintaining regular contact with the client and candidate after hiring to follow up on candidate integration process and ROI.

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