People assessments

We are trained and licensed users of a few assessment tools to supporting our recruitment process. In job profiling the needed behavioural characteristics are first mapped out, after which we are able to compare candidate profiles to target profiles. By doing this we can ensure that the person is fit for the job and is likely to thrive on the job. We also do people assessments as a part of personnel development projects.

Why conduct professional work style profiling?

  • enhance interaction
  • cultivate personnel
  • create commitment
  • reward a person / a group
  • facilitate strategic planning
  • support recruitment

In addition to helping the company management, people assessment also contributes to the applicant’s improved performance as a team member. By paying attention to one’s working style, employees are able to compensate their weaker qualities with more favourable ones, and better bring forward their strengths. Employees also tend to enjoy their work more when conventions of work are developed so that they better agree with individuals.

“Work style profiling helps me understand how my own behaviour affects others in the work community. It also helps in recognising my own strengths, which is a great advantage in doing my job.”

Improving work community

A company may hold itself back, due to challenges in communication or management. Solving these challenges improves not only effectiveness but also work place climate. Operaria is well equipped for resolving various work community challenges within human resources, financial management and customer service with the right tools for the right models.

During the process Operaria examines development objectives and the community’s strengths, as well as conducts a teamwork analysis and defines the necessary profiles.

Possible development objectives:

  • strengthening know-how
  • changing ways of working
  • changing attitudes
  • investing in specific processes or reducing their importance

Why invest in personnel?

Encouraging personnel to continuously educate themselves and capitalise their own strengths is a sure way for a company to gain payback.

Mutual respect and explicit interaction enhance well-being at work and increase engagement to the organization.

Functional relationships between colleagues, subordinates and supervisors and productive teamwork are the most important success factors a company can have.

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