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Find an expert for your company easily and quickly

At Operaria, we understand that a company’s business needs to change over time, which is where flexible personnel solutions come in. When your company needs an expert temporarily, we offer the possibility of leasing a professional. We have placed successful solution sellers, accountants, interim leaders, and managers for a wide range of projects – all of which are important for the company’s growth.

By delegating your employer’s responsibilities to Operaria, you can use your company’s resources for more essential tasks. We take care of your employee’s salary payment and other legal obligations, then as our client, you are only responsible for onboarding your expert, managing their work, and occupational safety. You reduce the risk of unsuccessful recruitment and affiliated costs.

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When is expert staffing right for you?

Expert staffing for a company’s varying HR needs

Expert staffing is for you when you need help quickly to meet your company’s changing business needs. Leasing is an easier and more risk-free way to acquire skilled workforce than recruiting and is suitable for companies of all sizes. With our staffing, you get an expert:

  • to suit your changing project needs

  • for a seasonal rush

  • as a holiday substitute

  • to fill a temporary need for targeted expertise

If the need for staff proves to be permanent, you can hire a temporary worker as a permanent employee.

Here are some example situations in which expert staffing could be suitable for your company:

Lease a salesperson

Hiring sales staff can give your business the boost it needs in a situation where your company’s sales are stagnant. Low sales figures may be due to the number of sales staff or a lack of expertise. Operaria has complemented its clients’ teams with temporary hires whose experience, ability, work personality, and attitude are well suited to expert sales work. You can be sure of our temporary expert’s suitability for your job because they have passed Operararia’s assessment protocol.

Interim leader

The need for an interim leader may arise in situations that require particular expertise in your company, such as mergers, crises, or the prolonged sick leave of a key decision-maker. Operaria has supplied, e.g., financial managers in situations like this. You can be sure of our interim leader’s suitability for the position because they have passed Operararia’s assessment protocol.

In future, there is a suitable expert for every company.

Operaria’s recruitment process

Operaria’s flexible recruitment process enables expert staffing for the needs of your company.

  • We get to know the specifics of your company and industry so that we can act as an ambassador for your employer brand throughout the recruitment process.

  • The process is tailored to your needs.

  • During the recruitment process, we require the client to help in the mapping phase, in the meeting of candidates and – of course – in choosing a suitable expert.

  • When using expert leasing, decision-making is often quick. You could be onboarding your new expert within one week of initiating the search process.

WEEK 1 – 2

A consultant who understands the client company’s requirements and the industry will help find the right service for their needs. At the same time, we determine what type of expert is being sought and where they will most likely be found. Finally, the consultant maps the factors that affect the client company’s employer brand.

WEEK 2 – 3

The consultant will prepare the job description in cooperation with the client. The most suitable expert for the position is sought from expert and professional networks and target organizations.

WEEK 4 – 5

Experts are evaluated based on preliminary data and selection criteria. The consultant will contact the potential candidates and act as an ambassador for the client company’s employer brand. Discussions with candidates allow the consultant to present the most suitable candidates for the position to the client.

WEEK 5 – 6

The client selects the candidates to interview from among those shortlisted by the consultant. The consultant provides interview support for the client company’s job interviews and, if necessary, organizes job simulations to assess the required skills.


The consultant uses an assessment to measure the client’s preferred candidate’s cognitive ability and work personality. The consultant also checks the candidate’s references, which give practical examples of their abilities and working style. Finally, the consultant will personally inform all candidates of the selection criteria and the outcome.

… WEEK 30

Operaria activates its satisfaction guarantee, liaising with the new hire and client to ensure successful onboarding.

Your capable employee deserves a capable employer.

Operaria is a reliable and responsible partner

Expert staffing is an easy and low-risk way to lease a skilled temporary workforce. We guarantee a successful hire through assessment, our recruitment process, and our extensive candidate networks.

Operaria assumes the employer’s obligations, so you are only responsible for onboarding, work management, and occupational safety. It is of paramount importance to us to ensure the well-being and health of our employees. We also want to positively impact work-life and its development, which is why we do not shy away from discussing these critical issues on our blog and our social media channels.

Successful recruitment is our only acceptable outcome. Therefore, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, if the employment relationship ends during the trial period for any reason, we will recruit a new person for the position at no extra cost.

We support the budding work relationship even after our service contract expires

We will contact both the employer and the employee several times throughout the trial period. This way, we ensure the onboarding process is going smoothly

Why is expert staffing worth it?

Support for changing business needs

  • You can get new employees quickly and easily.

  • You define the employment duration.

  • We take care of most of the employer’s responsibilities.

  • You’ll receive the same quality and expert service as in other recruitment assignments.

  • With the help of our assessment, you can conduct responsible recruitment and knowledge-based personnel selection.

  • You avoid the cost of unsuccessful recruitment.

  • If you wish, you can lease a temporary worker for your company as a permanent employee if the need for additional resources proves to be permanent.

Why should you choose Operaria?

Operaria is a personal and flexible recruitment partner

  • Due to our lean business structure, we are a fast and flexible partner. You will find services that suit your company’s life cycle needs across different stages.

  • The same designated contact person will serve you throughout the process. This guarantees a seamless flow of information and personal interaction.

  • We carefully study the specifics of your company and industry to serve as your employer brand advocate throughout the process.

  • With our comprehensive, international networks, we find experts within high-demand recruitment markets.

  • Each of our recruitments includea an assessment of the selected candidate.

  • We guarantee you a successful recruitment, thus avoiding the cost of unsuccessful recruitment.

Our clients

We have been serving our clients in a sustainable, reliable and personalized manner since 1999. Here are some of our satisfied clients.

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