The cost of a failed hire

Unsuccessful recruitment is expensive

The unsuccessful recruitment cost calculator is quick to complete and gives a realistic estimate of the actual cost of recruiting. If you can’t invest in careful recruitment or want to save time for something else, consider outsourcing it to a skilled recruiter. This will minimize the financial risks of recruitment and improve your chances of success.

Use Operaria’s failed recruitment cost calculator to see how much a poorly selected candidate could cost your company.

An employee’s monthly salary

The cost calculator takes into account the ancillary costs of the employee’s salary.

Onboarding time in weeks

The time allotted for the orientation depends on the position, but it must be sufficient. A typical induction period is two to three months. The need for onboarding is prolonged if it has been insufficient or non-existent.

Lost revenue

For example, salespeople can have a significant impact in terms of lost revenue.

Wasted your time

On average, you spend five working days on a self-conducted recruitment process.

The value of your time

How would you value your time from the perspective of your business?

Mental costs

How annoying is recruitment that goes wrong?

Accrued costs:

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